Jewellery Insurance

We are absolutely thrilled to be affiliated and a preferred Jeweller with the industry leaders in Jewellery Insurance - QReport. 

Q Report gives you the confidence that you’re covered if disaster strikes, and the freedom to enjoy your jewellery as it was intended - not locked away or wrapped in cotton wool.

Check out the link below to get an instant quote and sign up to cover your purchase.

Is Insuring Your Engagement Ring Worth It?

You know that your precious engagement ring deserves to be protected, but is standalone Engagement Ring Insurance worth it?

People often assume that their home and contents insurance includes adequate protection for their high-value jewellery items. Unfortunately, when their engagement ring is lost, stolen or damaged and they need to make a claim, they often learn that their home and contents insurance falls short.

Q Report is designed to give your engagement ring comprehensive protection against life’s uncertainties. And if disaster strikes, you can be confident that your insurance is tailored to provide the best cover possible specifically for your jewellery.


 So if you love your jewellery, you’re going to want a Q Report.