What's all the fuss about? Moissanites vs Diamonds - you decide!

What's all the fuss about? Moissanites vs Diamonds - you decide!

I've been in the diamond game for many years now and to be honest I never considered the diamond alternatives that were in the market. I knew about lab created diamonds, Moissanites and even the old white Sapphires as a good alternative to white diamonds but I never had much request for them until recently.

Here's why... 

It was about 5 years ago when a friend of mine said that they wanted something that looks great but she couldn't afford the huge price tag for the diamond size she wanted. So the first thought that came to mind was a Moissanite. Firstly it closely resembled a diamond and secondly the price for a 3ct was astronomically lower for a Moissanite compared with a diamond.

So after speaking with some suppliers and designing her a ring ( 3ct Round Halo with approx 0.80ct in diamonds and ring in Platinum ) the ring came out looking amazing and of course she was absolutely wrapped at having a ring that could make most ladies jealous and not having to take out a loan to do it.

In the past 12 months I've found a rapid increase in young couples looking at the Moissanite as not only an alternative but a first choice over diamonds. The prices are at a fraction of a diamonds and the technology has improved dramatically in regards to look and cut of the Moissanite as well. Now stones are rivaling the brilliance and shine of any other alternative and in most cases all lower grade diamonds.

I even find a lot of young couples doing the same thing my friend did...purchasing a center stone at the size they want and having a Moissanite set with the intention of replacing it with a diamond later when they are in a better position to afford it. 

I absolutely love this...the fact that people can have something they are in love with at a price they can live with.

So what is the bottom line? It is that some shapes look better than others. It is just how the stone is cut that makes the difference. Firstly some suppliers and cutters are better than others and some shapes tend to work better when it comes to imitating a diamonds brilliance.

The link below shows a comparison video that is a must watch for those considering Moissanites, But as I say to all my clients its about you and what you fall in love with.


- Gabrielle 

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