What Makes I Heart Moissanites Different

What Makes I Heart Moissanites Different

If you've been hunting around for Moissanite Jewellery or an alternative to Diamonds you might have noticed there is not much variety or stores who stock them. Moissanites however are growing rapidly in popularity both in the United States and Asia and are now showing some demand here. 

I Heart Moissanites specialise in Moissanites and Moissanite Diamond Jewellery. 

We have such a passion for Moissanites and Moissanite Jewellery that we offer fully customised options to our clients. What does this mean? 

We cut our Moissanites specifically to order and manufacture them according to our clients needs. We also pair their choices with Gold and Diamonds to create something amazing at an affordable price. 

Much like the Diamond Characteristics regarding Colour and Clarity we only deal in DEF coloured Moissanites. This means they sit at the top of the colour chart in the colourless range. All our Moissanites are also VS Clarity. They are completely eye clean (no visable imperfections) and they are not cloudy like so many of the inferior stones tend to be. 

We are proud of the caliber of our stones and even rate them against genuine natural diamonds. The feedback from all of our clients has been disbelief at how amazingly they sparkle and shine. 

This is why we pair our Moissanites with amazing quality Diamond and Gold Jewellery. Our settings are made to bring out the best in our stones and we design our Jewellery with that in mind. Many of our clients come back to up-grade their Moissanite to a Diamond and we keep the costs down so changing the stone is simple and easy. 

While Moissanites might not cost as much as their Diamond counterpart it is still an investment into something you love so we ensure when making each and every item that you have peace of mind throughout the entire process. Where ever possible we can provide a 3D image of the item and if the item is custom made we provide designs prior to manufacture. 

If you have any questions regarding our Moissanites or our Jewellery please give us a call on 02 9030 0329 or email - info@iheartmoissanites.com.au or simply chat to us online. 

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