Matching Wedding Bands

Matching Wedding Bands

Sometimes it's the last thing on your mind when you're shopping for an Engagement Ring or sometimes you've fallen in love with a design where the crown is placed low on the band or is quite wide. It is important however to consider how you would like the two rings to fit next to each other.

If you love that perfect flat wedding band that sits neatly beside your Engagement Ring you have to ensure the design allows a band that can sit "Flush."

Most wedding bands will fit next to an engagement ring in one of three ways:

"Flush Band" 
A band that will sit flat against an Engagement Ring. This is only achieved when the Engagement Ring is designed to allow it. Generally Six Claw, Halo or Low Settings are difficult to fit with flush bands.

"Straight Band" 
A straight band will not sit flush to an Engagement Ring with a large Crown or a Low setting. A Straight Band is made to sit beside an Engagement Ring however there will always be a gap between both bands. 

"Curved or Contoured"
For matching bands to sit flush with a large Crown or Low Setting, a Curved or Contour band is often made to fit with the profile of the Engagement Ring. These bands also work well next to Engagement Rings with unusual Center Settings, Six Claw Designs and Low Set Crowns.


- Gabrielle 

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