5 Things You Should Know When Considering A Moissanite Engagement Ring

5 Things You Should Know When Considering A Moissanite Engagement Ring

There are very few moments in life that measure up to the excitement of getting engaged and choosing the ring is a huge deal for us ladies. If you've decided maybe Moissanites are the way to go for you...there are still a few things to consider when deciding on the perfect ring.

1. Are you planning on replacing it with a Diamond later on down the track? 

Remember that popping out one stone and replacing it with another that is the same size and shape is super easy. So if you are buying with the intention of swapping it out later make sure you've firstly fallen in love with the shape and secondly are prepared to pay the difference when buying the same size diamond later on. Nothing is impossible however...if you do decide to change it up you can also purchase a new shank and swap out the side stones or simply a new crown. It's totally up to you and of course there are no rules.

2. Diamond Side Stones or Moissanite Side Stone?

If you have fallen in love with a Solitaire setting then you're all set...but if you love a Halo or shoulder stones you need to consider how a Moissanite will look paired with Diamonds. Luckily the technology surrounding the production and manufacture of Moissanites has improved dramatically in the past few years. We have the ability to choose Colour and Clarity just as we would with Diamonds, so if you have a G Colour Moissanite center stone you can easily pair it with matching side stones and your ring will look not only seamless but incredible.

3. They are roughly one tenth the price of a comparable diamond.

The most popular weight in Diamond Engagement Rings has been a 1ct. It seems to be a magic number when looking at diamond size. So lets compare the prices of Diamonds and Moissanites... 

A 1ct Round Brilliant can range from around $2000 for a M/N Colour I1/I2 - This by the way is rather yellow and pretty included and I wouldn't recommend it if you're after that white sparkle that Diamonds are synonymous with. They also go all the way up to $20,000 for top of the range D colour and Flawless clarity. 

Lets take a look at a 1ct Moissanite in the DEF and VS clarity range...approx $500 - $1000. Id say in terms of budget and bang for your buck the Moissanite wins the race. 

4. They are true Conflict Free Stones.

It is alarming when you start to look into the Diamond trade and what happens around the world at the mining level. Although the laws are pretty tight in this area and the Kimberly Process has been quite successful eradicating and stopping conflict Diamonds, some jewellers are unaware of where their stones come from and cant guarantee their origins. 

A moissanite is a true Conflict Free Stone. It is grown in a lab and therefore free of unethical mining that unfortunately some diamonds cant claim.

5. Nearly as Hard as a Diamond.

We measure the hardness of a Diamond on the Moh's Scale which runs from a 1 - 10. The Diamond sits right at the top on a 10. The great news is a Moissanite is 9.5 on the scale. This means that it is just as durable and will be guaranteed to last. This often means that you get a lifetime guarantee on the stone.

Hopefully this has helped you move from maybe to definitely and of course if you have any questions feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns. If you're ready to jump right in and make all your friends jealous browse our gorgeous designs online or talk to us about a custom design.

- Gabrielle 

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