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Are Moissanites the next big thing?

I couldn't help but share this post that was forwarded to me recently. Its all about how Moissanites are starting to be a favoured choice compared with diamonds.

I like this quote in the post - Sarah Williams, the VP of marketing and branding at Charles and Colvard, a company that produces the stone, confirms that the differences between the two stones are pretty difficult to spot if you’re not a pro. “Moissanite can be detected only by a trained eye with a loop; there are also testers available for retail jewelers to distinguish the two,” she told us. 

While I agree with this in a sense and I'll explain why I have to say both Diamonds and Moissanites I think are gorgeous and amazing in their own right. 

Most "good" Jewellers will be able to tell the difference on sight without a loop I might add. However most people who you speak to when you walk into a shop are not Jewellers they are sales people. Yes they might have done courses on the 4C's of a diamond but their majority of training is on sales. A Jeweller is the one who works out the design, buys the diamonds, checks the specs when it arrives, sets it in the ring. These guys cant be fooled, yet I'm sure they would all agree with me the technology surrounding Moissanites has come along way. 

Moissanites look fantastic, they have similar hardness on the Mohs scale and they are undoubtedly conflict free. We cant ignore the fact that they are indeed one tenth the cost of a diamond. 

I don't think Diamonds and Moissanites should compete with each other instead I feel they both have a place. I love the gorgeous Diamond Halo Engagement Rings that just look amazing on the hand and I also die for the Moissanite Eternity Rings that seem to make everyone who see them jealous. 

I guess the moral of the story is...its your choice and my job to give you all the info to help you decide.

 - Gabrielle