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How to Clean a Moissanite Engagement Ring ?

Like many brides, we know you cherish your exquisite ring. You wish to flaunt it at every opportunity! Yet, like any precious gem, your Moissanite stone demands tender care. This is needed to preserve its dazzling appeal over time.

Maintaining this engagement ring is easy. We will tell you how to clean a Moissanite engagement ring quickly and effectively. Curious about the proper and safe cleaning methods? With just a few household essentials and attention you can clean your lovely ring easily. Here are some of the most effective techniques to keep your stone gleaming.

Cleaning The Ring At Home:

Cleaning your Moissanite Engagement Ring yourself i.e. DIY is the most economical option. It is also a straightforward and effective method. This cleaning option requires only household staples.

  • You have to just take mild dish soap, a soft toothbrush, warm water, and a bowl or plate.
  • Mix the dish soap and warm water. Submerge your ring in this mixture. Let it soak for 5-10 minutes.
  • Then, remove the ring from the solution.
  • Gently scrub with a toothbrush and remove any dirt. Pay close attention to the edges. Don't forget to clean the underside of the gemstone. This will help to maintain its brilliance.
  • Rinse the ring in clean water. Dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Use the right cloth to avoid scratching. With this method, the ring maintains its stunning appearance.
  • For heavily soiled rings, repeat the process as needed. In this case, consider soaking your ring overnight in soapy water once a month. This is to remove any hidden buildup that could diminish its sparkle over time.

Tips To Clean Moissanite Engagement Ring on Your Own:

Do not use harsh chemical cleaners. They might damage the ring.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dirt and fingerprints. This helps in proper cleaning. Also, there is no risk of scratches or damage to the surface.

When cleaning or soaking your ring in the sink, double-check that the sink stopper is securely and tightly fastened. This precaution prevents accidental loss or damage to your precious jewelry down the drain.

Professional Cleaning of The Engagement Ring:

Moissanite engagement rings are just like diamonds and hence, loved by many couples. But they need extra care to stay looking great. It is important to clean a moissanite engagement ring regularly. This can help in keeping it looking the best for years.

  • Moissanite is hard but also absorbent. So it can get stained or dull if not cleaned regularly. It is a good idea to get your ring professionally cleaned every 6 months to a year. Remember that regular home cleaning is also needed.
  • Professionals have special tools and solutions to clean your ring. They will do it safely and effectively.
  • They can also spot any hidden damage. That is, they can see loose stones or problems with the setting of the ring. This is a very crucial aspect if your ring is still under warranty. Taking care of your ring this way will keep it beautiful for years to come.
  • You might spot ultrasonic cleaners for sale online or at big-box stores. But it is better to leave the cleaning with these cleaners to the experts.
  • A trusted jeweler can work magic on your dull ring. He can turn them into rings that shine. He will clean it so well that it will look brand new.

Now, can you over-clean and damage your engagement ring? The simple answer is no!

If you are using just warm water and mild dish soap, then there is no problem. But if you are using strong chemicals too often, that's when you can run into trouble.

Harsh cleaners can affect the quality, sparkle, and settings of your gemstones. This can lead to permanent damage. So, stick to gentle cleaning methods to keep your ring looking its best.

  • Care Tips for Your Ring:

It is important to clean a moissanite engagement ring as and when needed. But it is also essential to take proper care of your ring while cleaning it.

  • Wipe Them Down:

Keep a soft cloth handy near your toothbrush. Give your jewelry a quick wipe before brushing your teeth. If you miss a day it is fine. But it is recommended that you do it daily.

  • Store Them Away:

You might not keep your ring in a jewelry box daily. But store the ring in a cool, dry spot when not in use.

  • Check For Tarnish:

The stone in the Moissanite Engagement Ring may not tarnish. But the ring settings might be affected. Give them a polish as needed. This is to keep the ring shining just like your moissanite stones.

Moissanite Ring and Water:

It is safe to wear your ring in the shower or while taking a bath. Water will not harm the stone. However, be cautious of repeated exposure to soap, shampoo, and conditioner. They can leave oily residues on your ring. This can make it dull. But this is temporary. It can be fixed with proper cleaning

For hand washing, you generally don't need to take off your ring. Washing it with soap and water is one of the best ways to clean it at home! But remember, harsh or acidic chemicals may damage the rhodium plating of the ring. The white gold might start showing a yellowish color over time.

So, it is better to remove your ring while taking a shower or while washing your hands.


Your special ring will keep shining with proper cleaning and care. We have explained the cleaning methods. All that you have to do is follow it. You can get more information about the same from the site of I Heart Moissanites. Also, the company is for buying the ring trust I Heart Moissanites.