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Crushed Ice Moissanites!!!!

We are so excited and proud to be able to now offer our Moissanites in the popular "Crushed Ice" Cut.

What is "Crushed Ice" you may ask...

Diamonds and Gem stones can be cut in many different ways. The most popular and most well know is the brilliant cut. Most of our rounded stones will feature a brilliant cut, however the crushed ice look is on the rise!

The Crushed Ice cut is usually featured in elongated shapes such as Ovals, Cushions, Pears and Radiants. While the brilliant cut usually creates more sparkle due to the well defined facets in the stone, the crushed ice on the other hand has broken facets that resemble ice. 

The image below shows the difference between the Crushed Ice on the left and the two brilliant cuts to its right. 

Using the Oval as our example...

You can see the defined facets of the brilliant, while the Crushed Ice facets look much shorter and broken.

Most Oval Diamonds will somewhat resemble the crushed ice effect anyway due to the cutting. Because Diamonds are quite expensive Diamond cutters will often save as much material as possible and sometimes create shallower cuts which give the facets a shorter look and therefore more like the Crushed Ice we see in Moissanites.  

I personally love this look, they are very distinctive and different and throw the light within the stone in such a unique way.

Whatever your preference you cant go past these stunners!!!

- Anne Marie