The Benefits of Moissanite Engagement Rings: A Smart Choice

The Benefits of Moissanite Engagement Rings: A Smart Choice

Moissanite can be a good choice instead of diamonds. It is widely used in engagement rings. This versatile, affordable, and eco-friendly gemstone has fascinated many young couples. There are several practical reasons for the same. So, let’s discuss the features and Benefits of Moissanite. But before that, we will learn some interesting facts about the stone.

Details About Moissanite:

Moissanite is a dazzling gemstone. It has a cosmic origin. This valuable stone has a fascinating story. Back in 1893, a clever French scientist named Henri Moissan stumbled upon tiny gem particles in Arizona. This discovery happened in a crater formed by a falling meteorite. Initially, Henri thought he had found diamonds. But later, he figured out that these crystals were made of something called silicon carbide.

Now, here's the twist! Natural Moissanite is rare. So, to make this stunning gem available, scientists started creating it in labs. They did many experiments. They learned from their mistakes. Finally, they created Moissanite in a lab.

Moissanite resembles a diamond. But it is not a diamond. It is like a cousin that sparkles differently. The durability, sparkle, and color of diamonds and Moissanite are quite different. However, both gems share one trait. That is they are excellent at handling heat.

So, from falling stars to laboratory magic, Moissanite's journey is truly out of this world!

Advantages of Moissanite:

  1. Cost-effectiveness:

You can buy Moissanite stone at reasonable rates. This is one of the most important Benefits of Moissanite. The cost-effective rates of these stones set them apart from diamonds. So, if you are looking for an engagement ring that looks great but costs low, you can purchase it. Consider lab-grown moissanite as a more affordable option than natural one.

  1. Durability:

Moissanite is a durable and long-lasting stone. With such excellent durability, this stone become an ideal choice for engagement rings meant to be worn daily. This is why the demand for “Moissanite Embellished Engagement Rings” is increasing. In addition, Moissanite will not easily get scratched. Hence, it does not lose its sparkle over time. All this provides longevity to your cherished symbol of commitment.

  1. Amazing Brilliance: 

Moissanite is a shining gemstone. Its brilliance sometimes confuses anyone as it shines like a diamond. This adds an extra touch of charm to your chosen ring.  It has a high refractive index and dispersion. This combination results in a sparkle and shine.  Hence, it becomes a brilliant option for an engagement ring.

  1. Versatile Behavior:

Moissanite is a versatile gemstone. Experts can cut it in different shapes and styles. For instance; you can have the Moissanite in classic round cuts and other shapes. This adaptability makes it a gemstone that can complement any style preference. The sparkling gemstone is available in different colors. They are colorless, or near-colorless. Also, they are available in yellow and green shades. This allows couples to customize their rings to match their tastes.

  1. Eco-Friendliness: 

A significant advantage of the Moissanite Engagement Ring is its eco-friendly nature. Diamond mining can have adverse environmental effects. But lab-grown Moissanite is created in a controlled environment. This minimizes its environmental footprint. Opting for Moissanite as an engagement ring choice contributes to sustainability. It offers environmentally friendly options for couples.

  1. Hardness and Rigidity:

The hardness of Moissanite is just like diamonds. Its tough nature means you can wear the jewelry adorned with it regularly. You can be free from concerns about scratches or chips, even with regular use. This hardness factor guarantees the durability of Moissanite. Also, the hardness of the stone helps in maintaining its original condition for years to come.

  1. Rare Nature:

The natural Moissanite is rare. So, it is grown in labs. But, even lab-grown moissanite has a sense of uniqueness. It is fast becoming more widely available. If compared with diamonds, Moissanite remains a relatively uncommon or rare choice. This inherent rarity of the stone provides a unique touch to engagement rings. This is the reason why a Moissanite ring is preferred by the couple. 

Selecting The Right Moissanite- A Simple Guide:

The selection procedure for a diamond ring and a Moissanite engagement ring is different. Diamonds get rated on

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color, and
  • Carat

But for Moissanites, it is mostly about the color. The cut and clarity are almost the same for different types of Moissanites. You will find premium and ultra-premium Moissanites. Premium ones are almost colorless. The ultra-premium Moissanites, do not possess any color i.e., they are totally colorless.

Thinking of pairing Moissanite with natural diamonds? Don't worry. They look fantastic together! A beautiful ring with an oval moissanite in the middle and some diamonds around is one of the best combinations So, when you are looking for the perfect Moissanite, always think about color. Get the one that fits your style at I Heart Moissanites.

On the online portal of the company, you will see a wide collection of Moissanite. These are especially designed for couples who want something unique and striking. So, the Moissanite Engagement Ring is the best choice for them for their special day.


Moissanite is a durable gemstone with the look and feel of a diamond. It costs less. Hence, the engagement rings adorned with Moissanite are also affordable. This eco-friendly jewel piece is known for its remarkable brilliance.

If you are keen to embellish this stone in your ring then approach us at I Heart Moissanites. You can talk to our expert team about the type of Moissanite you want. They also provide details about the types of Moissanites available in the market. This will help you to select the best Moissanites for your ring.

The nice part about this beautiful gemstone is that it looks great and its cost is also great. So, forget about the diamonds. In your engagement, gift the precious ring embellished with Moissanites to your precious partner.

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